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Are you feeling disconnected from your grandchildren in your grandparenting years - wondering how to really be a part of their lives?

Together, we can help you build a bridge to reinforce a life-long bond between you and those you hold dear to your heart.

The Sunday Zoom calls or Facetime connections really don’t leave them with any deep or lasting message of YOU in their growing spirits.

The superficiality of just being a face or a voice on the phone started to remind me of a grocery checklist - functional, but cold and impersonal. I wanted to share real values and inspiration with my grandchildren. When they were all together, we had to take turns and balance time. It became a competition about who could talk the loudest and whose story was the most important. I couldn’t talk about feelings, ideas or hopes. Even when I tried to set up individual calls with each, life issues seemed to interfere.  Concerns such as:

  • What kind of sleep did he/she have?
  • Was the poor little guy feeling pressured to say something?
  • What time was it at their house?
  • How long could I engage her interest, at this time of day, on a little phone screen?
  • What, if anything, would they remember about how much I cared, and how important the moral of that storybook was?

It was heartbreaking to think that my grandchildren would be influenced more by media and advertising than by someone who, in all humility, had already learned so much, and loved them beyond their understanding.

But, what could I do, since I was just one person and they were all so busy?

Coming from a story-telling family?, I came up with the idea of recording my stories with my cell phone and then uploading them to a YouTube channel, for only them to see!

There were details like:

  1. Getting only the most needed equipment, at the best price.
  2. Finding support that wasn’t run by robots.
  3. Perusing webs of information that took forever to get to the point.
  4. Researching, YouTube videos, amateur broadcasting webinars, grand-parenting sites.
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The time that was spent to make this a simple system!

All I wanted was to give each grandchild, his/her own time with Mimi (that’s me) so that:

  • Time zones or schedules didn’t matter.
  • I could choose stories that had a purpose, a value, a message worth hearing again and again.
  • Viewing was available at the push of a button.
  • I could, in a small way, give my attention and entertainment when the parents needed a break.
  • Eventually, I could use some old photos to make up real family stories. On YouTube, they would have a "secret" channel where my grandkids could find someone (me) who loved them, believed in them, and had stories to add to their memorable moments.

I could figure out how to “build” this venue or I could go back to my everyday adventures, chores and challenges, waiting for the Sunday calls.  I could soothe my conscience with the idea that I could write them a letter, send little gifts and visit occasionally.  All the while, knowing, that I was never going to be any significant support for those little lives in such a confusing expansive world.  There is no doubt that grandparents are more important now than ever.  I just had to make the process simple enough to master and share.

Don’t get stuck with “Maybe Tomorrow” or “Tech is not for Me!”  You can be someone who really matters in their lives… TODAY!

Believe me, they look forward to tuning in to my story channel! It was worth all the effort just to hear their “what happened next?” questions and to see the short clips their mom sends of them feeling so special watching “my show” built for just for them!


You will have your stories up and running on your own YouTube channel.

  1. Step by step instructions in an easy-to-understand recipe-style format.
  2. A private Face Book Group to share ideas and get support.
  3. No need to research formatting or technical details, all included here.
  4. Taught by a trained teacher who knows how to make learning fun.

Get all you need in one place with someone who understands your learning curve.  Enjoy a simplified process for creating and delivering your stories online.

In Our YouTube Storytime recipe course, the formula for success:

  1. Keeps things simple.
  2. Easily relates to something you know how to do (recipe format).
  3. Provides clear step-by-step instructions, so you get quick, visible results the first - time.

Skip over my frustrating, time-consuming trial-and-error path. You get to access our professionally-tested path - getting you that solid connection that will help you make a significant imprint on those little lives right away and delight in their heartfelt satisfaction.

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Ready for the first step?

Don’t miss another day of adding to their lives!

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